Origami steel

Handmade flower vase

Origami-shaped vase made of stainless steel by the craftsmen from Kyoto, Japan. The vase can be hung with a fishing line and a hook that come with it, or simply be rested on a flat surface. The vase holds enough water for fresh flowers and you may easily enjoy a new style of IKEBANA with almost any kind of plants. Colors come in white, black, silver, and more.

Ce vase suspendu ouvre de nouvelles possibilités au monde de la composition florale. Non seulement il insuffle vie aux fleurs fraîchement coupées, mais il défie le sens commun en apportant des dimensions spatiales infinies contrairement aux vases conventionnels. D'une brise legere, ce vase se balance harmonieusement tout en mettant en valeur diverses scènes. Ce chef-d'œuvre a été créé avec le plus grand soin par les artisans de Kyoto, au Japon.

Reincarnation of IKEBANA

To live a humane life starts by paying close attention to what nature is giving you. Respecting the law of nature and accepting it is what a lot of us tend to forget with our busy lives. We hope the Hanging Vase brings peace and serendipity though your new IKEBANA world.

color / black

Various arrangements

Simple and easy installation.Use the hook and the fishing line that comes with the vase to hang your favorite plant in mid-air.

material / stainless steel
size / 300x50x50
weight / 200g
color /
white, blanc mat
black, noir mat
stainless silver, argent inoxydable
mirror finish, argent poli
stone patterned, peinture de pierre
color / white

The Sound of Nature

Plants found in nature vary in size, shape, and color which brings out the beauty of each species. The vases can be hung in various levels which create a more natural atmosphere without the spoiling the beauty of the flowers. The sunlight that shines upon the plants hung in the air and the shadows created beneath allow us to hear the sound of nature in various scenes, even in homes and shopping facilities.

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JAN.19-23 2018

Hall 7 Stand G178

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27.01.2018 20:00

Meet the Artist

28.01.2018 14:00


Product Design
After the fair ”MAISON OBJECT “(Paris) the japanese Designer Kazutoshi Nakajiama visit “thisisnotaticketshop”

We are proud to present his latest object

“the Vase”. Origami. steel. Handmade flower vase

Next show

Kazutoshi Nakajima founded HITTITE in 2006 with a group of innovative artists and skilled craftsman based in Kyoto who speak to your soul through ironware.

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