How to use
Installation can be easily done by simply hooking the vase onto the hook attached to the transparent fishing line that comes with The Hanging Vase.


Kazutoshi Nakajima, the Founder/Executive Director of HITTITE, started his career in producing iron products over 15 years ago after receiving his degree from Academy of Art College San Francisco, USA. Since then, he has been on the front line to design innovative and inspirational art works including restaurant and shop designs, producing works for exhibitions and contemporary art festivals in Japan.
1980_Born in Kyoto, Japan
2000_Studied Sculpture at the Academy of Art College San Francisco, USA
2002-2006_Worked as a builder at an architect company
2006_Founded HITTITE and started producing tailor-made iron works
2009_Started producing shops, commercial architecture
2010-2014_Held exhibitions at annul shows such as Kizugawa Art and Nakanojo Art Festival
2013_Built a new factory
2016.5_Exhibition at JA warehouse, Kyoto, Japan
2017.2_Exhibition at Ambiente2017, Frankfurt, Germany
2018.1_Exhibition at Maison&Objet2018, Paris, France
2018.1_Exhibition at “THIS IS NOT A TICKET SHOP,” Frankfurt, Germany
2018.9_Exhibition at HOMI2018, Milano, Italy
2019.1_Exhibition at Maison&Objet2019, Paris, France